Yousef Zatari

MyFaFo, Occupied Palestinian Territories

Yousef Zatari aspires to create and build a successful international Palestinian brand to promote his website. He picked the catchy name MyFaFo, short for My Favorite Food, when he noticed the need for food business to connect with new audiences. The rising trend among young people to use their smart phones to get real-time information about local services presented a solution to this problem as he noticed that no-one else was using this new communication tool. This gap in the market led him to set up a free of charge online food directory in his home city Hebron. After receiving training and support from the MFSII programme Yousef built the unique interactive service for finding your favorite food outlets. The mobile platform uses location-aware software that will provide the user with information about specific restaurants available in the area.  By using the application, the user is able to locate nearby restaurants, coffee shops, or grocery stores.  The user is also able to see discounts, deals, and special offers provided by these outlets. Yousef would like his application to become a fully-functional popular business directory for food outlets which generates income through effective advertising.

What is your personal ambition?

I would like to become the owner and corporate executive of a home-grown branded website that will be popular both in Palestine and outside.

What impact do you see your business making?

Real-time information is making every industry become more efficient.  Ubiquitous internet connectivity and location-aware smart mobile devices are providing facilitated access to real-time information.  My business provides just-in-time information about food outlets.  For instance, if a person wants to eat gluten-free or vegetarian lunch, a quick search will list those restaurants in the immediate vicinity that provide such food. 

How do you see the future of your business?

I would like to my application to become a fully-functional business directory for food outlets.  I want my business directory to become a popular and effective ad-serving platform to food and beverage businesses.

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Occupied Palestinian Territories

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