Patrick Karega

Right Click Ltd, Rwanda

Founded and managed by Patrick Karega since 2010, Right Click Ltd is a printing company inspired from Karega’s previous career. Patrick was initially employed by a local printing firm in Kigali upon the completion of his university degree in Engineering.

The demand of printing material was huge and this inspired him to start up his own business in printing.  Right Click Ltd provides its customers with a wide variety of services from designing to printing billboards. The services provided enabled the company to reach a wider range of customers from students, to architects, institutions and even government bodies.

Being open 24/7 and having the right equipment to print in large quantities, made Right Click stand out and being a unique business.  The business is growing on a daily basis and Karega already expanded his business in two busy towns of Rwanda.

  • 2010
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What is your personal ambition?

To be the leading printing service provider in the country and region

What impact do you see your business making?

As the business is growing rapidly, it is increasing market share and contributed increasing the employment opportunities thus more families are generate a regular income. Also it is developing the staff as they attend trainings on a regular basis.

How do you see the future of your business?

To modernize my equipment in order to be able to print on wooden materials, plastic, sheeting and tiles. In addition to that, as the current demand of printing materials is high, I want to increase the technical team and expand in more regions.

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