Odette Munganyinka

Dumus Pacis Restaurant, Rwanda

After serving in the public sector for 8 years, Odette Munganyinka, started her restaurant in 2010.  Known as Dumus Pacis, the restaurant caters mainly to the students from the Umutara Polytechnic institution.  Accommodating 200 students and feeding 250, Dumus Pacis is growing as more educational institutions emerge in the area.  As a result of successfully winning a business challenge in 2012, Odette has been able to invest money into her restaurant which has allowed her to expand on her current building and acquire modern equipment.

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What is your personal ambition?

My personal ambition is to build a hotel in Nyagatare.

What impact do you see your business making?

To employ people in need of work and provide them a way to earn a living.

How do you see the future of your business?

I plan to start a piggery project from the extra profit from my restaurant.

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