Kosovo Education and Employment Network (KEEN)


Kosovo Education and Employment Network (KEEN) is a strategic coalition of four Kosovo-based civil society organisations focused on education, employment and social policies. KEEN is an EU funded project that aims to improve the employability of vulnerable groups in Kosovo and their inclusion in both labour market and the educational sector by participating in decision making, policy development and policy monitoring, and by facilitating dialogue between education & training institutions and businesses. More specifically, KEEN aims to synchronise education and training programmes with labour market needs.

The strategies that KEEN develops to achieve its aims focus on improvement of the capacity of civil society organisations to participate in the development and monitoring of policies at both central and local levels. Capacity development activities include training programmes, expert advice, learning from associates and exchanging experiences.

The KEEN project contributes to development of national and local policies and legislation in the field of education and employment, whilst prioritizing policies that address the needs of vulnerable groups. To support and facilitate dialogue with policy makers, KEEN sets up a number of specialised groups, develop discussion papers, enunciate positions for advocacy and organise open discussions on certain topics and/or areas in the field of education and employment.

KEEN monitors implementation of at least three national policies in the field of Education & Employment, and at least 15 local action plans for the implementation of national policies. This entails establishing monitoring teams of civil society to examine the implementation of national policies and local action plans. The teams will collect data and compile monitoring reports with recommendations for improvements.

KEEN facilitates dialogue between Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW), Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MYCS), Association of Kosovo Municipalities (AKM), Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC) and Alliance of Kosovo Businesses (AKB) on making education and training more relevant to the needs of the labour market whilst keeping in mind the interests of vulnerable groups.

KEEN is implemented by a coalition led by Kosova Education Center (KEC) in partnership with Employment and Promotion Agency in Kosovo (APPK), Balkan Sunflowers Kosovo (BSFK), Academy for Training and Technical Assistance (ATTA) and Stichting SPARK.


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