Jetmir Mehmetaj

S.A.P, Kosovo

S.A.P is a full service digital agency based in Prishtina, established in 2013. It consists of a young team of designers, developers, marketers and analysts averaging around 26 with big visions and even bigger ideas. SAP is all about inventive capacities which include web development and design, graphic design, 3D visualization, multimedia and video production. We also provide conventional marketing and online advertising services and conduct social network campaigns.

The strength and diversity of our portfolio is a testament to the high quality of work we’ve produced over the years. We believe that our approach and understanding of our customers’ needs is what sets us aside from other agencies. Our management team consists of young professionals who have studied and gained work experience in western Europe and have come back to establish S.A.P in order to invest their knowledge and skills here in Kosovo.

At the moment S.A.P develops two products. The first is referred to as SAP_cms which is a web based application Content Management System and serves to manage all kinds of websites and other mobile applications. The second is SAP_ads which focuses more on managing advertising space in Albanian web portals. We have ambitious plans for the future and hope to market our services internationally.

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What is your personal ambition?

My personal drive and ambitions derive from my passion to enable capacity building of both my staff and the company. Through strong will and the support of my team I know I can foster my hard work and motivation towards developing applications and programmes that make life easier and more practical for people. It’s also a priority for me to follow a personal approach when it comes to work. I make sure all members of our team feel heard and understood as their goals and ambitions are important to me. I consider it to be part of my job to make sure my team is gaining the necessary skills and experience in order to grow and evolve in their professional careers.

What impact do you see your business making?

We hope our staff considers their time at S.A.P to be a valuable professional experience that sets them up for a successful career in the future. Our goal is to deliver applications and web programmes that make the lives of our clients easier and more efficient. We strive to impact the lives of our customers with new practical and innovative programmes that have yet to be introduced to the local market. The ultimate impact we hope to make through S.A.P is to invent programmes that will develop Kosovo as a country renowned and reputable in the field of IT.

How do you see the future of your business?

As is the case with any new business, we are working on growing soundly and making an impact on the market. So far S.A.P has steadily but surely been growing. In the future we plan on creating online products for the global market which we believe will help the economic growth and development of Kosovo.

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