Jugoslava Milosavljević

Slatka Kuća, Kosovo

Through the MFS II programme supported by the Business Support Centre (BSC) Strpce, Jugoslava Milosavljevic participated in the Business Plan competition which would eventually pave the way for the establishment of her company, Slatka Kuca in 2014. Before the start of her business, as a pastry chef Milosavljevic already had her entrepreneurial foot in the door selling her cakes and sweets from her home to nearby friends and neighbours. After attending a couple of trainings and consultancy services organised by the BSC Strpce and D&G Solutions she felt confident and prepared to officially register her business, commercialize her products and increase production. When her business plan was chosen to be supported by the Loan Guarantee Fund, Milosavljevic was able to invest in production equipment in order to be able to get her business up and running.

Milosavljevic regularly exhibits her products at the Regional Entrepreneurship fair organised by BSC Strpce in order to showcase her products and make them visible to a wider market. She also created a Facebook account for Slatka Kuca in order to communicate better with her customers. She expressed that, “it’s good that I can show products through social networks, but it’s amazing to see how people react when they have a chance to taste it during the fair. Their happy faces make me feel happy and proud of my products”.

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What is your personal ambition?

My ambition is to open up a pastry shop where I can employ more people, particularly women and show my dedication to quality, professionalism and team work.

What impact do you see your business making?

I have become somewhat of a role model in my community. People look to me as one of the leading female entrepreneurs representing self employed women. I hope this will encourage and have a positive impact on other women hoping to venture into the world of business.

How do you see the future of your business?

In the future I see myself as someone who has contributed to the development of women entrepreneurship in minority communities. I’m currently working on developing a packaging line so that my products can be sold in supermarkets. I intend to open a pastry shop in Strpce and employ more women to work not only in the production process but in sales and marketing as well. I know it’s a process that will take time but with persistence and hard work and of course, the right attitude and the right team members, I know I will achieve it!

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