Ilija Vukasinovic

Greenhouse Vegetable production, Kosovo

Ilija and his wife have been engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding for some time but were still officially unemployed. Ilija saw an opportunity when he applied for a donation from the British Embassy, which he was granted in the form of a greenhouse. As greenhouse production requires different skills than production in the field, Ilija and his wife participated in a training with SPARK’s partner the Business Centre Zvecan (BCV) to prepare for their next step. Upon completion, they began applying their training and started their new company called Greenhouse Vegetable Production. Immediately after the installation of the greenhouse, they saw the first results. Ilija mainly sells his products on the local market where he has his regular clients and continuously gains new and satisfied customers. As Ilija sold at the market, he noticed he was making particularly good earnings on the sale of seedlings of vegetables and flowers. Now Iliya and his wife hope for a good yield as they continue with classic production and begin exploring the potential for expansion to realise the demand for seedlings.

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What is your personal ambition?

I hope to purchase another smaller greenhouse in the near future, where I will grow only seedlings, since this year seedlings proved to be in high demand and very sellable. In the large greenhouse I want to continue with the production of vegetables.

What impact do you see your business making?

My business makes a contribution to the general economic situation in terms of output and sales volume. Not only has it given us jobs, but it will continue to create jobs in my community. Selling seedlings of vegetables and flowers can also impact the market in a direct way.

How do you see the future of your business?

I see my business growing both in terms of production and in terms of employment. Once I install a second greenhouse, I’ll definitely need more helping hands.

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