Ijaba Said

RUGSAN Hotel, Somalia

Ijaba Said is the founder and director of the Rugsan Hotel located in Garowe, Puntland. It is an enterprise which employs twenty two staff members. It resides in Rugsan Square which provides a secure environment for business travellers, NGO staff and holidaymakers. It is one of the only hospitality services of its kind as there are rooms available for conferences and other events that can be held on the site, Rugsan Hotel was the answer to a much needed service in the Putland area. Ijaba hopes to expand her market from hotels and restaurants by venturing in to the educational sector. Currently the square is comprised of many interlinked business enterprises involving hotels, restaurants, a mini-market, a salon and clothing shops.


  • 2011
    Active since

What is your personal ambition?

To create a secure space for business travellers and NGO employees to stay whilst in Puntland. Yet there are further business opportunities and sources of income where I plan to expand. My background is social work; In Somalia I was a consultant for the education sector, I also worked with NGOs including the Iftin Somali women’s group in Amsterdam. In Garowe, I was involved in the Nugaal International School and the Sonppcan NGO that supports and advocates for children and women’s rights. This is why I am planning to start an international school that provides international quality education for the diaspora families and their children.

What impact do you see your business making?

I started this business in Garow due to the immense opportunities that this location provides, being a Government and INGO’s center, the town lacked secure and high quality conference facilities as well as restaurants. Rugsan is among the few Hotels in the city that can provide such services. My business will assist the development of the business sector.

How do you see the future of your business?

The Government of Puntland and NGOs are our biggest clients and presently we provide conference facilities for them. I am planning to launch our website, so that clients can do online booking as well as provide pick-up and dropping services for our clientèle. As mentioned my other planned investments include an international school for the diaspora children to access quality education.

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