Al-Hayat Educational Industry, Occupied Palestinian Territories

Educator and former headmaster, Hayat-al-Natshen sees the classroom as a place for innovation and interaction. With the aim to transform the traditional Palestinian classroom, Hayat created educational flashcards for student and parents to work together.  Known as the ‘Al Sanabel Educational Cards’, Hayat has already observed a difference between the students that have begun using the cards, and those who haven’t.

Seeing primary school education as an essential foundation to build a student’s further education, Hayat began with one game and now has 7 educational games for the classroom.  Still receiving ongoing coaching in business and game design, Hayat is now focused on developing online versions of her games with the aim to expand throughout the Arab region.

  • 2010
    Active since

What is your personal ambition?

To create a interactive and useful educational tools for students.

What impact do you see your business making?

Providing job opportunities for university students in graphic design and programming.

How do you see the future of your business?

I would like to see my business expand, especially after my corporation presents in the Dubai Intemational Exhibition.

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