Bojan Mladenovic

Herc International DOO, Kosovo

Bojan Mladenovic started a cable and communication company which provides essential services to Serbian municipalities in Kosovo. His company, Herc International Doo, is a media, internet, cable and VOIP provider based in Strpce. For eleven years Bojan’s company has been providing services to the Strpce municipality and he is currently expanding to the municipalities of Klokot, Partes, Ranilug and Gracanica.

As Bojan sees it, information access is intrinsically linked to economic development. He makes sure his company provides high quality services by implementing what he respects in renown companies (e.g. using equipment from Hirschman, Motorola, Terra, Cavel, BC Tel during the construction of communication systems) and listening to the local demand of his customers (e.g. cable TV’s 60 channels were chosen in accordance with the wishes of viewers.)

Herc International’s cable internet employs the same infrastructure as cable TV – a two-way hybrid fiber optic-coaxial – and is a modern broadband service that enables access to the global internet network while offering wide range of benefits for clients such as high upload and download speed.

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What is your personal ambition?

My ambition is to continue leading the company towards achieving a well-known brand. It is important for me that we innovate with high technology to provide the community with quality services.

What impact do you see your business making?

Within the company, we are providing jobs to a significant number of local employees and this number will only increase. From the company, we provide to our clients something that is essential in society – information. I believe that Internet and Communication services are imperative to economic development.

How do you see the future of your business?

In the future, I hope I can honestly say that Herc International has made an impact and contribution to the development of Serbian municipalities in Kosovo (Shterpce, Partes, Klokot, Ranilug and Gracanica) by providing high quality telecommunication services. Currently I’m working on attracting more investors in the region and obtaining more favorable loans in order to provide services to all non-majority populated areas in Kosovo. I plan to continue living and doing business here in Kosovo and am convinced my company is capable of engrossing more investment funds and creating more employment opportunities. I sincerely hope I will witness this progress soon.

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