Boakai M. Sheriff

Gboni Enterprise, Liberia

Having worked in several different businesses with an insight on the prospect of business in Liberia and making the commitment to contribute to poverty reduction through employment, Boakai Sheriff was motivated to establish an enterprise that would be both profitable and serve the people of Liberia. Sheriff knew it was a challenge to risk all his savings to start his own business but after careful consideration and visualizing the potential untapped markets in Liberia, he knew with certainty that with determination and hard work, success would be imminent.

Entrepreneurship has helped many countries in the world support poverty reduction through job creation and economic stability. With this in mind, being a firm believer in poverty reduction strategies, Sheriff believed that starting his own business was one way he could contribute to the cause by hiring more Liberians.

Pursuant to achieving his goals with little to no resources at all, Sheriff started saving about 60% of his monthly salary for the registration and other legal documents needed for a business startup. Committed to starting his own business, in this way Sheriff was able to save enough money and establish Gboni Enterprise Inc. in 2010.

Gboni Enterprise Inc. is a 100% Liberian owned business operating in 3 major sectors of the market including Petroleum Distributions, Trucking and General Constructions.

  • 2010
    Active since
  • 45
    Jobs created

What is your personal ambition?

I want to be a leading face of business in Liberia. Professionally, I want to see my business ventures increase to over 5 million USD within the next 10 years. I also want to create an avenue where investors can buy and own shares in my company in the future.

What impact do you see your business making?

Since our establishment in 2010, Gboni Enterprise Inc. has created over 40 permanent jobs with over a 100 on a contractual basis. In an effort to come up with sustainable poverty reduction strategies within our community we have also launched a programme called Local Employment which provides unique opportunities for locals living in areas where we work to be the first we hire or recommend before looking elsewhere. We hope to continue creating more and more job opportunities and to contribute in the fight against poverty and unemployment in Liberia.

How do you see the future of your business?

I believe the future of Gboni Enterprise is certain to succeed with the support of services being offered by organisations like the Business Startup Center Monrovia, Building Markets and Investing for Business Expansion (IBEX) in Liberia.

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