Angie M. Howard

Falama Inc, Liberia

Having worked with many women led farmer groups within the country and seeing the losses that these farmers experienced from their harvests, Falama Inc. made a decision to implement alternatives that would take advantage of the abundant availability of locally grown produce. This gave rise to Falama’s current business model of using these products to create easy to process, nutritional and affordable food for infants.

Falama Inc. is a food processing enterprise engaged in manufacturing, processing and packaging local farm food products with the objective of reducing surplus in the market. Falama has developed unique products which have already been successfully placed on the market, including cassava, plantain, banana, country rice, sweet potatoes, flour and farina mix. The company is a 100% Liberian owned with 75% of its staff being women, mostly single parents and widows. Falama is also directly involved with training women farmers in order to economically empower these women within their communities.

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What is your personal ambition?

I am working towards becoming the first person in Liberia to produce healthy food for infants from local farm produce.

What impact do you see your business making?

I see my business providing job opportunities for the people of Liberia, improving the overall development of women in the region and providing nutritious high quality food for infants. Our production process also keeps the environment in mind as waste from our production can be used as cattle feed in the villages as well as compost for community gardens. In this way, our work also benefits other farmers in the village. We also offer the community free trainings in compost preparation and have given women the platform to create compost and sell to local farmers in other communities where we are not active.

How do you see the future of your business?

I see the future of my business to be very promising, based on the fact that there is a gap in the industry for the services Falama Inc. provides and the economy of Liberia is growing rapidly.

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