During the 5th IGNITE Conference on ‘Rebuilding Futures’ in December 2017, we worked closely with Ink Strategy, a strategic design consultancy focused on change  and interaction, to produce visualisations of the lessons learned at IGNITE. 

How can we collaboratively rebuild futures?

The first visual asks the question: ‘How can we collaboratively rebuild futures?’. It was sketched throughout the day in the main hall of IGNITE. On the visual you can see different stakeholders that hold a platform – a metaphorical fragile state. Each stakeholder has the responsibility to contribute through their own ‘next steps’ to rebuild futures. Suggestions for the different stakeholders and what their next steps should be were taken from participants, speakers, private sector representatives, NGOs, government members, students etc. And what are the steps to collaboratively rebuild futures? See for yourself.

Download high res here.


Dynamic Futures: Creating the Next Generation of Leaders

Ink Strategy designers were also present in the workshop on ‘Dynamic Futures: Creating the Next Generation of Leaders‘, conducted by our partner, Al Fakhoora. The workshop sought to identify methods for better providing higher education to the thousands of Syrian refugees currently searching for it in the MENA region. Equally important was how to scale up scholarship programmes for Syrian refugees, and how to link entrepreneurship and civic leadership to these scholarship programmes to prepare students for next steps once they have finished their degree.

The illustration shows in the middle the leadership development of young Syrians through the program of Al Fakhoora. Through the time invested in them and the tools they got to grow they developed among other skills also a strong personal responsibility to give back to society and the feeling that they have a stake in their own destiny. By investing in these young people the society will get a return on their investment. These new young leaders want to create a hopeful and inspiring future by working together with the existing leaders and change the world with respect and the influence of own experiences.

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Welcoming Newcomers: Creating New Opportunities in Europe

The designers were also present in the workshop on ‘Welcoming Newcomers: Creating New Opportunities in Europe‘, which discussed how hosting communities in Europe can better welcome refugees so that access to society,  social networks, professional networks, language acquisition and ultimately employment/entrepreneurship opportunities become easier to grasp? The workshop explored the NGO, public and private sector initiatives working towards this goal. 

The illustration depicts the fictional entrepreneurship journey of Fathima, a 35 year old trained Engineer now living in Europe. The pink spots show the challenges Fathima faces in her road to entrepreneurship, and the blue spots show the positive scenarios that enable her to become a business woman.

Participants of the workshop discussed the possible solutions and resources that Fathima needs in order to succeed as a migrant/refugee entrepreneur in Europe.

Download high res here.

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